Discipline / 类型 
Commercial & Mix-Use

Client  / 客户

Location / 地点

Team / 设计团队
Duan Liang, Zhang Yini, Xiao Xiujuan

Tianjin Sunac Centre

The project is an corporate and entertainment hub within the overall plot. We use weaving and assembleing design language to match the simple and modern architecture, as well as to create vigorous commercial atomsphere and green office space.There is an interesting contrast between the modern and lively style in the site and post-industrial style in other area.

Tiantuo Financial Business District integrates high-end office buildings, international cinemas, commercial streets, boutique stores,  and high-end apartments. The design is to create an interactive art gallery space, a vibrant commercial street, a comfortable commercial retail lounge and a lush green office courtyard.