Discipline / 类型
Commercial & Mix-Use

Client  / 客户
Chongqing Angang Property

Partners / 合作单位

Location / 地点

Team / 设计团队
Liang Duan, Zhang Yini


The base is located in the core area of the main city of Banan District of Lijiatun. It is one of the satellite-city centers in Chongqing in the future. It will have profound impact of creating a city-level core business district, a riverside landscape economic belt, and a key living and leisure area. The project has created a futurist community by taking the life philosophy of Chongqing from “walking”, “seeing” and “playing” as the starting point. The project takes "forest city, riverside life" as its vision, the development will include riverfront pedestrian street, residential, health facilities, kinder garden, primary school and middle school and so on, it will become a future landmark of Chong Qin.