Discipline / 类型
Commercial & Mix-Use

Client  / 客户
Joy City

Partners / 合作单位
AUD Architecture

Location / 地点

Team / 设计团队
Duan Liang,Zhang Yini,Simao Mateus

Wuhan Joy City

The project is located in the west of Hankou, Wuhan, east of the Yangtze River, adjacent to Jianghan District, with a convenient transportation and abundant resources. The design fully explores the impression of Wuhan, and uses Star Trek as the dream theme to customize the first cool shopping scene in China for the “Yue” experience. Joy City, which integrates catering, retail, SOHO, apartment, bookstore and other leisure activities. The specially designed space-themed roof garden, 360-degree infinite landscape, brings a new cool lifestyle to the customers.