Discipline / 类型
Residential & Sales Centre

Client  / 客户

Location / 地点
Changzhou, Jiangsu

Team / 设计团队
Zhang Yini, Xiao Xiujuan, Xia Chaowen

Changzhou Futureland "Tai Lake Art City"

Xincheng Jinyu is located on the west side of Yancheng Middle Road, Wujin District, Changzhou, adjacent to Yancheng Relic Park. The development include Chinese-style villas and modern high-rises. 

The project aims to create an elegant and liveable home, a community of intense social interaction among elites. The beauty of Changzhou, starting from the poetry, book, music and music, spring and autumn. In the villa area, the theme of “Feng Zhi Hua Yuan” is restored. The modern high-rise area pass the mood and rhythm of poetry throughout the design.

新城金宇位于常州市武进区盐城中路西侧,毗邻盐城遗址公园。 开发包括中式别墅和现代高层建筑。 该项目旨在创造一个优雅和宜居的住宅,一个精英之间密切的社交互动社区。 常州的美丽,从诗歌,书籍,音乐和音乐,春天和秋天开始。
别墅区以“风之花园”为主题进行了修复。 现代化的高层建筑在整个设计中传递着诗歌的情调和节奏。