Discipline / 类型
Commercial & Mix-Use

Client  / 客户 

Partners / 合作单位

Location / 地点

Team / 设计团队
Duan Liang, Zhang Yini, Hua Yayuan, Yang Lixia, Yu Chen, Yang Min

(Concept Design credit to PWL Shanghai)

GALA Street West

Gala Street-West is the new luxurious shopping villas at Harbour City, it is a rare type of retail space at high cost land at Lujiazui Financial District. The landscape design must deliver 3 separated themes at B1, ground floor and second floor bridge and patio spaces. The B1 floor are mainly restaurants and cafes, Shanghai 1920 theme is deliberately well incorporate with Architecture retrofit Shikumen style façade. The richness of paving finishes and elegant mini waterfeature provide a fine human scale walking experience at narrow lane. The ground floor echoes the history of the site as a former Shipyard, the boat theme are applied on handrails, planters and seating. The bridge and patio spaces are a series of boutique mini gardens for each villas.