Urban Design & Landscape Planning 

Jiading District Government 


Duan Liang, Li Chen, Zhang Yini

Jiading Old Town Streetscape Renovation

Jiading Old Town is the oldest walled city in Shanghai municipality. It has over 800 years of history, the narrow old lanes and new vehicular streets interweave with waterways needed a planning guideline to be activated. We follows 6 evaluation indicators: Continuity; Safety; Comfort; Culture; Belonging; Vitality.

The continuity indicator is use consistent design elements to unified complex existing conditions; The safty indicator suggest slow traffic and pedestrian friendly planning; The comfort indicator promote an ecological and microclimate environment; The culture indicator seek opportunity of multiple high education institutes as major factor in the old town; The belonging indicator suggest combine with slow traffic to create a series of sports venues that linked by a continue running tracks; The Vitality indicator activate the commercial and retail outdoor spaces.

嘉定老城是上海市最古老的城墙。 它有800多年的历史,狭窄的旧车道和新的车辆街道交织着水道需要一个规划指南才能启动。 我们遵循6个评估指标:连续性; 安全; 安慰; 文化;归属; 活力。

连续性指标使用一致的设计元素来统一复杂的现有条件; 安全指标显示交通缓慢和行人友好规划; 舒适指标促进了生态和小气候环境; 文化指标寻求多个高等教育机构的机会作为老城区的主要因素; 归属指示器建议与缓慢的交通相结合,创建一系列通过连续跑道连接的体育场馆; 活力指示器激活商业和零售室外空间。