Discipline / 类型
Planning and Urban Design
Landscape Architecture

Client  / 客户
Zhenjiang Tourism Development

Partners / 合作单位
ECADI  /  上海华东建筑规划研究院合作

Location / 地点

Team / 设计团队
Duan Liang, Eva Garcia Pascual, Zhou Min, Li Chen, Zhang Yini, Xia Chaowen


Jingshan Lake Landscape Planning covers an area of about 216 hectares, the program through the full study of the historical context of Zhenjiang and the connection between the site and the city, the site is divided into "cited the way park area","urban park area", "wetland park area", "island Chain park area "and" jungle isolation zone park area "five major functions, from west to east from the humanities to the natural transition of the overall layout.
The three main traffic flow lines, including the "car service channel", "waterfront walkway" and "around the island chain trail" three links in the park from the various functions and activities to ensure the accessibility of the traffic function.
Design through the earth building to shape the terrain, and the introduction of natural water, to create a "mountain environment, Jianghai wish" landscape mood, the river of five islands cited the "true", "executive", "Shun", "empty "The philosophy of life, to the will of the museum, to create a shared waterfront paradise.