Discipline / 类型

Client  / 客户

Location / 地点
Xi'An, Shanxi

Team / 设计团队
Zhou Min, Shen Tianchi, Ci Yinji, Chen Yuenan, Yu Chen, Shi Tingting

Xi'An Longfor "ZiChen"

The north and south water axes divide the whole plot into high-rise and low-rise houses. The entrance on the east side is the gateway to the whole district. The architectural language is solemn and grand, so the landscape grandeur is arranged. The southern entrance landscape is completely reclusive and give low-luxury feeling. It adopts the club-style entrance design, presenting the mountain mimic water feature with abstract artistic language. From the beginning of the south entrance, the landscape is based on the form of the traditional Guanzhong courtyard. It forms the spatial shape of the four-space, five-alley and one-park gardens.

南北水轴将整个地块划分为高层和低层房屋。 东侧的入口是通往整个区域的门户。 建筑语言庄严肃穆,所以风景宏伟。 南部入口景观完全隐居,给人以低奢华感。 采用俱乐部式入口设计,以抽象艺术语言呈现山地模仿水景。 从南入口的开始,景观基于传统关中庭院的形式。 它形成了四个空间,五个小巷和一个公园花园的空间形状。