Discipline / 类型
Commercial & Mix-Use

Client  / 客户
Chongqing Angang Property

Partners / 合作单位

Location / 地点

Team / 设计团队
Liang Duan, Zhang Yini

Chonging Community Masterplan
In collaboration with Perkins + Will
与Perkins + Will合作

The project, as the future core development area, is located in Banan District, Chongqing, the main city along the Yangtze River regional portal and an Binjiang city economic belt of the 45 square kilometers central activity area. Planning tied up the two ecological landscape will be of great significance in the ecological optimization and urban space upgrade. There is a 35 meters grading change in phase I site, which is the challenge of the project.
Building a future-oriented community, expand the blend of life circle, place the shape of the neighborhood, the level of the degree of life. The design is based on Chongqing Valley, street and alley, and the public space network is built by external public commercial street, internal community roaming trail and urban living space, which promotes people to interact actively.

设计以重庆谷、街、巷为依托形式,由外部公共商业街道、内部社区漫游步道、市井生活空间共同构筑了公共空间网络,促进人们积极交往互动。 一期场地高程差35米,成为规划与设计中的挑战。