Discipline / 类型
Corporate & Office Campus

Client  / 客户
Linggang Group Pudong 

Partners / 合作单位

Location / 地点

Team / 设计团队
Eva Garcia Pascual, 肖秀娟, 杨利霞, 余辰, Kiki , Hua Yayuan, Ci Yingji, Yu Chen,

Shanghai Lingang Phamecutical Campus
In collaboration with Ennead Architects
与 Ennead 合作

Located in Lingang new district in Shanghai, the main challenge is to create a modern factory that becomes a campus for research and innovation. The landscape concept focuses on creating a qualified environment with spaces for interaction, interchange of ideas, resting areas, meetings and corporate events. 

The culture of the pharmaceutical industry is integrated with healing gardens that are places to discover sensuous phenomena, mystic scents, changing colors and seasonal variety that can be enjoyed and studied. Also the design language adds strong character to the site with a symbolic content: the molecular geometry that will serve to develop a modular efficient construction system with variations for the different areas and elements.

奉贤生命科技园位于上海临港新区。主要挑战是建立一个现代化的工厂,成为研究和创新的校园。 景观概念侧重于创建一个合格的环境,其中包含交互空间,思想交流,休息区,会议和公司活动。

制药业的文化与治疗花园相结合,这些花园是发现感官现象,神秘气味,颜色变化和季节性变化的地方,可以享受和研究。 此外,设计语言为场地增添了强烈的特色,具有象征性的内容:分子几何形状,用于开发模块化的高效建筑系统,具有不同区域和元素的变化。