Discipline / 类型
Corporate & Office Campus企

Client  / 客户
Linggang Group Pudong

Partners / 合作单位

Location / 地点

Team / 设计团队
Eva Garcia Pascual, 夏超文李辰, 余辰, 史婷婷

Lingang High Tech Park, Shanghai
 In collaboration with Gensler

Located in Lingang new district in Shanghai, the new office campus stands out as an innovative approach in corporate buildings. Creating a medium-rise development and linking the buildings with a loop, an inner courtyar is defined as central space that defines an inner courtyard, the main concept for the landscape and hardscape put a lot of thought in the character areas. The outer area belongs to the urban and corporate scene, when the inner courtyard becomes the featured garden integrating workspace for informal meetings, presentations, corporate events and gathering spaces. Consideration of connectivity in the landscape became a driving force, identifying logic in the landscape, and a hierarchy of routes and spaces.

Sustainability is a major asset integrating sponge-city and water harvesting design.  The shape of the landscape is designed to be functional and specialized in collecting water though landforms, rain gardens, edges and special paving areas.